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Supplier Product name Pack size Price
Lusutrombopag-d13 HY-19883S-1ST Inquire
Loxoprofen-d4 HY-B0578S-1ST Inquire
NOS-IN-2 HY-115916-1ST Inquire
NLRP3-IN-8 HY-146594-1ST Inquire
Zaltoprofen-13C,d3 HY-B0619S1-1ST Inquire
Guselkumab HY-P9931-1MG HY-P9931-5MG Inquire Inquire
SP4206 HY-119424-10MG HY-119424-5MG HY-119424-25MG Inquire Inquire Inquire
CL097 HY-128799-25MG HY-128799-50MG HY-128799-100MG HY-128799-5MG HY-128799-10MG Inquire Inquire Inquire Inquire Inquire
Cimicoxib HY-100516-1ST Inquire
Isofezolac HY-105939-1ST Inquire
Daclizumab HY-108738-1ST Inquire
COX-2-IN-7 HY-115934-1ST Inquire
COX-2-IN-8 HY-115935-1ST Inquire
COX-2-IN-9 HY-115936-1ST Inquire
Hetrombopag HY-122620-1ST Inquire
Propacetamol HY-145453-1ST Inquire
COX-2-IN-12 HY-146370-1ST Inquire
COX-2-IN-13 HY-146371-1ST Inquire
Sulindac-d3 HY-B0008S-1ST Inquire
Isoandrographolide HY-N10359-1ST Inquire
COX-1/2-IN-2 HY-115967-1ST Inquire
CP-424174 HY-119721-1ST Inquire
Pelubiprofen-13C,d3 HY-12383S-1ST Inquire
  1-30 of 533