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Supplier Product name Pack size Price
IRIS11 Prestained Protein Ladder PMI11-0500 PMI11-0500S 110,00 Inquire
IRIS9 Plus Prestained Protein Ladder PMI09-0500 PMI09-0500S 100,00 Inquire
BH 100bp DNA Ladder RTU (11 bands, 100-1,500bps) DM001-R500 DM001-R500S 56,00 Inquire
BH 1Kb Plus DNA Ladder RTU (13 bands, 100-10,000bps) DM015-R500 DM015-R500S 56,00 Inquire
Blu10 Plus Prestained Protein Ladder (10 pre-stained bands, 6.5-270 kDa) PMB01-0500 132,00
Blu11 Prestained Protein Ladder (Single color, 11 pre-stained bands, 10-180 kDa) PMB11-0500 78,00
BH 50bp DNA Ladder RTU DM012-R500S Inquire
Unstained Protein Ladder, Broad Range PMU12-0500S Inquire
Blu12/BLUeye Prestained Protein Ladder PMB12/PM007-0500S Inquire
Blu13/BLUelf Prestained Protein Ladder PMB13/PM008-0500S Inquire
BH OneMARK 100 DNA Ladder RTU DM101-0100S Inquire
Blu10 Plus/BLUltra Prestained Protein Ladder PMB01/PM001-0500S Inquire
Blu10/BlueRay Prestained Protein Ladder PMB10/PM006-0500S Inquire
Blu11/BlueAQUA Prestained Protein Ladder PMB11/PM019-0500S Inquire
BH OneMARK B Plus DNA Ladder RTU DM115-0100S Inquire
BH 50bp DNA Ladder RTU (17 bands, 50-1,500bps) DM017-R500 61,00
BH 100bp DNA Ladder H3 RTU (12 bands, 100-3,000bps) DM003-R500 DM003-R500S 56,00 Inquire
Blu12 Prestained Protein Ladder(12 pre-stained bands, 11-245 kDa) PMB12-0500 143,00
Blu13 Prestained Protein Ladder(13 pre-stained bands, 5-245 kDa) PMB13-0500 156,00
Blu10 Prestained Protein Ladder (10 pre-stained bands, 11-180 kDa) PMB10-0500 132,00
UNveil Unstained Protein Ladder, Broad Range(12 unstained bands, 10-200 kDa) PMU12-0500 89,00
OmniMARK 100 DNA Ladder RTU (12 bands, 100-3,000bps, fluorescent dye) DMF12-0100 57,00
OmniMARK 1K DNA Ladder RTU (13 bands, 100-10,000bps, fluorescent dye) DMF13-0100 57,00
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