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Supplier Product name Pack size Price
LQFM215 HY-161137-1ST Inquire
Retinestatin HY-N12657-1ST Inquire
FluoBar1 HY-D2266-1ST Inquire
FM-red HY-D1260-5MG HY-D1260-10MG 888,00 1'407,00
pFBC HY-163327-1ST Inquire
Levinoid C HY-N12635-1ST Inquire
Paynantheine-d3 HY-124412S-1ST Inquire
Speciogynine-d3 HY-135502S-1ST Inquire
Vutrisiran (sodium) HY-132589A-1MG HY-132589A-5MG HY-132589A-10MG 1'116,00 2'851,00 4'580,00
14alpha/beta-Vindeburnol HY-105058A-1ST Inquire
JJC12-009 HY-163156-1ST Inquire
BDP TMR ceramide HY-D2256-1ST Inquire
PARL-IN-1 HY-152265-10MG HY-152265-5MG HY-152265-25MG HY-152265-50MG Inquire Inquire Inquire Inquire
BCH-HSP-C01 HY-163329-1ST Inquire
(Arg)9 (acetate) HY-P0133B-1MG HY-P0133B-5MG HY-P0133B-10MG 153,00 330,00 469,00
Moclobemide-d4 HY-B0534S1-1MG HY-B0534S1-5MG 586,00 1'331,00
(R)-MPH-220 HY-148516A-5MG HY-148516A-10MG HY-148516A-25MG HY-148516A-50MG 660,00 1'040,00 2'040,00 3'307,00
TIM-098a HY-162388-1ST Inquire
F992 (TFA) HY-P0041A-1MG 558,00
ST6 Gal Sialyltransferase 2 HY-E70149-1MG HY-E70149-100uG HY-E70149-20uG Inquire Inquire Inquire
Aflatrem HY-N7780-1ST Inquire
  1-30 of 1611