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Supplier Product name Pack size Price
cSPM HY-144752-1ST Inquire
Tafamidis-d3 HY-14852S-1ST Inquire
Transthyretin-IN-1 HY-146137-1ST Inquire
K203 HY-146959-1ST Inquire
Pramocaine-d9 hydrochloride HY-B1319S1-1ST Inquire
Cortagine HY-P2287-1MG HY-P2287-5MG HY-P2287-10MG Inquire Inquire Inquire
Biotinylated-D-lysine TFA HY-101884A-5MG HY-101884A-10MG HY-101884A-25MG HY-101884A-50MG HY-101884A-100MG Inquire Inquire Inquire Inquire Inquire
DASPEI HY-W247131-50MG HY-W247131-10MG HY-W247131-5MG HY-W247131-100MG Inquire Inquire Inquire Inquire
Pheneturide HY-111177-100MG HY-111177-50MG HY-111177-25MG Inquire Inquire Inquire
Benperidol HY-121276-100MG HY-121276-5MG HY-121276-10MG HY-121276-25MG HY-121276-50MG 542,00 864,00 1'600,00 2'479,00 Inquire
RO5203648 HY-103054-1ST Inquire
Tropatepine HY-105710-1ST Inquire
Quinupramine HY-106578-1ST Inquire
Fenadiazole HY-115139-1ST Inquire
Cannabicitran HY-118656-1ST Inquire
Ubretid HY-119577-1ST Inquire
Dioxone HY-121469-1ST Inquire
AA41612 HY-124157-1ST Inquire
  1-30 of 535