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LY294002 is a broad-spectrum inhibitor of PI3K with IC50s of 0.5, 0.57, and 0.97 μM for PI3Kα, PI3Kδ and PI3Kβ, respectively[1]. LY294002 also inhibits CK2 with an IC50 of 98 nM[2]. LY294002 is a competitive DNA-PK inhibitor that binds reversibly to the kinase domain of DNA-PK with an IC50 of 1.4 μM. LY294002 is an apoptosis activator[3].

Category Biochemicals
Supplier MedChem Express
Regulatory Status RUO
Research Field Cancer, Infection, Apoptosis,Autophagy,Cell Cycle/DNA Damage,PI3K/Akt/mTOR,Stem Cell/Wnt
Format Solubility: DMSO : 50 mg/mL (ultrasonic);Ethanol : 50 mg/mL (ultrasonic)
Grade Clinical information: No Development Reported
Purity 99.95%
Molecular Formula C19H17NO3
Molecular Weight 307.34
CAS-Number 154447-36-6
Storage Conditions -20°C, 3 years; 4°C, 2 years (Powder)
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Shipping Details Room Temperature
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