MagSi-WCX / Superparamagnetic silica beads of 1.2 µm, with weak cation exchange surface

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Product Description

MagSi-WCX (Weak Cation eXchange) magnetic beads have the typical ion exchange properties well known from classical chromatography. Protein and peptides are charged at the surface and will be adsorbed to magnetic beads under low salt condition. Under high salt conditions or by pH shift the target proteins/peptides are eluted (ion exchanged). Due to the different binding/elution mechanisms the MagSi-WCX beads are a powerful alternative to the MagSi proteomics beads. MagSi-WCX is ideal for the reduction of protein or peptide complexity. Applications include sample preparation and pre- fractionation prior to mass spectrometry or SDS-PAGE analysis, biomarker analysis and serum /plasma profiling.

Category Protein Purification
Supplier Magtivio
Regulatory Status RUO
Format 1.2 um
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