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Supplier Product name Pack size Price
MAPIX Analyzer Full License MPX.001.000 Inquire
MAPIX Analyzer 3-Month License MPX.001.003 Inquire
MAPIX Analyzer One-Year License MPX.001.012 Inquire
PEPperCHIP® Custom Peptide Microarray PPC.001.001 Inquire
PEPperCHIP® Custom Cyclic Peptide Microarray PPC.014.001 Inquire
PEPperCHIP® Disulfide Cyclization PPC.035.001 Inquire
PEPperCHIP® Thioether Cyclization PPC.036.001 Inquire
PEPperMAP® Linear Epitope Mapping PPM.001.001 Inquire
PEPperMAP® Epitope Substitution Scan PPM.005.001 Inquire
PEPperMAP® Antibody Cross-Reactivity Analysis PPM.006.003 Inquire
PEPperMAP® Labeling Service PPM.011.001 Inquire
PEPperMAP® Conformational Epitope Mapping PPM.015.001 Inquire
PEPperMAP® Single Isotype Assay Service PPM.016.001 Inquire
PEPperMAP® Dual Isotype Assay Service PPM.017.001 Inquire
PEPperMAP® Single Isotype Discovery Assay Service PPM.018.001 Inquire
PEPperMAP® Dual Isotype Discovery Assay Service PPM.019.001 Inquire
PEPperMAP® Affinity Determination Service PPM.020.001 Inquire
PEPperCHIP® Discovery Microarray SPC.044.001 Inquire
Custom Peptide Synthesis SynPep Inquire
  1-19 of 19