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Supplier Product name Cat.no. Pack size Price
Trypsin, Sequencing Grade P5319 160,00
Trypsin, Modified, Sequencing Grade P5320 179,20
Chymotrypsin Alpha, 3x, Sequencing Grade P5322 296,80
Protease (S. Aureus), Sequencing Grade P5321 305,60
Acid phosphatase (Wheat Germ) P5207 211,20
Chymotrypsin Alpha, 1x P5209 140,80
Cellulase (T. reesei) P5235 140,80
Lysozyme (Egg White) P5237 140,80
Lysozyme (Egg White), 2x P5238 140,80
Trypsin Inhibitor (Ovomucoid) (Egg White) P5243 248,80
Pepsin A (Porcine), 2x P5248 179,20
Dispase (B. polymyxa) P5318 277,60
Protease (S. Aureus) P5254 151,20
Alkaline phosphatase, EIA & Molecular Biology Grade P5282 211,20
Phospholipase A2 (C. adamanteus) P5302 151,20
Alkaline Phosphatase (E. coli) P5305 140,80
TurboTEV Protease P5379 584,80
Turbo3C Protease P5380 480,80
Papain (Papaya) P5201 140,80
Alkaline phosphatase (E. coli) P5268 140,80
Dispase (B. polymyxa) P5317 160,00
Catalase P5219 140,80
Catalase, 2x P5220 140,80
Phosphodiesterase II P5253 211,20
Alcohol Dehydrogenase (Yeast) P5205 188,00
Aldolase (Rabbit) P5206 286,40
Chymotrypsin Alpha P5212 151,20
Peroxidase (Horseradish) P5232 151,20
Trypsin P5255 140,80
Trypsin, Diafiltered P5256 140,80
  1-30 of 24955