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Human Actin Cytoskeleton Signaling Primer Library HACS-I 596,00
Human Alzheimer's Disease Primer Library HAZD-I 596,00
Human Bladder Cancer Primer Library HBLCP-I 596,00
Human Brain Cancer Primer Library HBRC-I 596,00
Human Cell Adhesion Primer Library HCAD-I 706,00
Human Calcium Regulation Pathway HCAR-I 596,00
Human Colon Cancer Primer Library I HCCP-I 596,00
Human Colon Cancer Primer Library II HCCP-II 596,00
Human Drug Detoxication I HDTX-I 596,00
Human Drug Detoxication II HDTX-II 706,00
Human Fatty Acid and Lipid Metabolism Primer Library HFLM-I 596,00
Human Gastric Cancer Primer Library HGCPL-I 596,00
Human G-Protein Coupled Receptor Signaling Primer Library HGPCR-I 596,00
Human Interferon Type I Signaling Primer Library HIFN-I 596,00
Human Interferon Type II Signaling Primer Library HIFN-II 596,00
Human Liver Cancer Primer Library HLCPL-I 596,00
Human Lung Cancer PCR Primer Library HLUCPL-I 596,00
Human Melanoma Primer Library HMEL-I 596,00
Human Necroptosis Primer Library HNCR-I 596,00
Human Oncogene Primer Library HONC-I 596,00
Human Ovarian Cancer Primer Library HOVCL-I 596,00
Human Pancreatic Cancer Primer Library HPANC-I 596,00
Human Parkinson's Disease Primer Library HPKD-I 596,00
Human Prostate Cancer Primer Library HPRC-I 596,00
Human T-Cell Receptor Signaling Primer Library HTCR-I 596,00
  1-25 of 165

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