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Supplier Product name Cat.no. Pack size Price
Recombinant JCV Polyomavirus Major Capsid VP1 protein ab74569 493,20
Recombinant mouse Alpha-synuclein protein aggregate Type 1 (Active) ab246002-100uG 834,30
Recombinant human Tau (mutated P301S) protein aggregate (Active) ab246003-100uG 834,30
Recombinant human Tau (mutated P301L) protein (Active) ab246004-100uG 834,30
Recombinant human Tau protein (Active) ab246006-100uG 834,30
Recombinant Human NSMase2 protein ab112416-2uG 834,30
Recombinant Human RASA1 protein ab116964-2uG 834,30
Recombinant Human GluA4 protein ab152441-2uG 755,10
Recombinant Human LAPTM4B protein ab163080-2uG 834,30
Recombinant human BMP5 protein (Active) ab245809-10uG 367,20
Recombinant human Inhibin beta A protein (Active) ab245789-10uG 367,20
Recombinant human BMP7 protein (Active) ab245953-10uG 367,20
Recombinant human APRIL/TNFSF13 protein (Active) ab245783-10uG 367,20
Recombinant human IL-27-A+EBI3 protein (Active) ab245785-10uG 367,20
Recombinant MD2 protein (Active) ab238343-10uG 251,10
Recombinant human PD1 protein (Fc Chimera Active) ab238348-10uG 251,10
Recombinant human BMP6 protein (Active) ab245813-10uG 367,20
Recombinant human CD8 alpha protein (Active) ab242436-10uG 251,10
Recombinant human sRANKL protein (Active) ab245794-10uG 367,20
Recombinant mouse BMP4 protein (Active) ab245810-10uG 367,20
Recombinant mouse sRANKL protein (Active) ab245784-10uG 367,20
Recombinant rat SDF1 protein (Active) ab245803-10uG 367,20
Recombinant Chikungunya Virus protein (Fc Chimera) ab243285-100uG 881,10
Recombinant human Eotaxin protein (Active) ab243753-100uG 1'275,30
Recombinant human Galectin 1 protein (Active) ab243279-100uG 692,10
Recombinant human Growth Hormone protein (Active) ab243210-100uG 692,10
Recombinant human IL-17B protein (Active) ab243760-100uG 1'275,30
Recombinant human IL36 alpha/IL-1F6 protein (Active) ab243775-100uG 2'146,50
Recombinant human CCL4/MIP-1 beta protein (Active) ab243217-100uG 1'275,30
Recombinant human Thymosin beta 4 protein (Active) ab245823-100uG 367,20
  1-30 of 290774