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Anti-TNF alpha [CDP 571 (Humicade)], Mouse IgG1 kappa, Purified Ab00448-1.1 Ab00448-1.1-BT 540,00 2'139,00
Anti-CD52 [Campath-1H], Human IgG1 kappa, Purified Ab00124-10.0 Ab00124-10.0-BT 540,00 2'139,00
Anti-CD20 [10F381 (rituximab)], Human IgG1 kappa, Purified Ab00126-10.0 Ab00126-10.0-BT 540,00 2'139,00
Anti-IL-2R [Daclizumab], Human IgG1 kappa, Purified Ab00187-10.0 Ab00187-10.0-BT 540,00 2'139,00
Anti-IL-2R alpha (CD25) [Basiliximab], Mouse IgG1 kappa, Purified Ab00188-1.1 Ab00188-1.1-BT 540,00 2'139,00
Anti-CD4 [YNB46.1.8 (Campath-9H)], Rabbit IgG kappa, Purified Ab00167-23.0 Ab00167-23.0-BT 540,00 2'139,00
Anti-Tumor associated glycoprotein (TAG) 72 [B72.3 (Satumomab)], Mouse IgG1 kappa, Purified Ab00280-1.1 Ab00280-1.1-BT 540,00 2'139,00
Anti-CD4 [MT310], Mouse IgG1 kappa, Purified Ab00217-1.1 Ab00217-1.1-BT 540,00 2'139,00
Anti-erbB-2 (Her-2/neu) [4D5-8 (trastuzumab)], Human IgG1 kappa, Purified Ab00103-10.0 Ab00103-10.0-BT 540,00 2'139,00
Anti-TNF alpha [cA2 (Infliximab)], Human IgG1 kappa, Purified Ab00146-10.0 Ab00146-10.0-BT 540,00 2'139,00
Anti-CD52 [YTH 34.5-G2b (Campath-1G)], Mouse IgG1 kappa, Purified Ab00165-1.1 540,00
Anti-PD-1 [RMP1-14], Mouse IgG2a kappa, Purified Ab00813-2.0 Ab00813-2.0-BT 540,00 2'139,00
Anti-carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) [Arcitumomab], Mouse Fab fragment kappa, His-Tagged on heavy ... Ab00281-1.6 Ab00281-1.6-BT 622,00 2'489,00
Anti-TRP-1, gp75 [TA99], Human IgG1 kappa, Purified Ab00180-10.0 Ab00180-10.0-BT 540,00 2'139,00
Anti-IL-12/23 [ABT-874 (Briakinumab)], Human IgG1 lambda, Purified Ab00722-10.0 Ab00722-10.0-BT 540,00 2'139,00
Anti-IgE [huMaE11 (Omalizumab)], Human IgG1 kappa, Purified Ab00717-10.0 Ab00717-10.0-BT 540,00 2'139,00
Anti-TNF alpha [D2E7 (Adalimumab)], Human IgG1 kappa, Purified Ab00718-10.0 Ab00718-10.0-BT 540,00 2'139,00
Anti-EGFR domain III [h-R3 (Nimotuzumab)], Human IgG1 kappa, Purified Ab00723-10.0 Ab00723-10.0-BT 540,00 2'139,00
Anti-VEGF [Bevacizumab], Human IgG1 kappa, Purified Ab00715-10.0 Ab00715-10.0-BT 540,00 2'139,00
Anti-CD3 epsilon [OKT-3 (muromonab)], Human IgG1 kappa, Purified Ab00122-10.0 Ab00122-10.0-BT 540,00 2'139,00
Anti-GITR [YGITR765], Mouse IgG2a kappa, Purified Ab00631-2.0 Ab00631-2.0-BT 540,00 2'139,00
Anti-GITRL [YGL386], Mouse IgG1 kappa, Purified Ab00630-1.1 Ab00630-1.1-BT 540,00 2'139,00
Anti-CD200 [OX-90], Mouse IgG2a kappa, Purified Ab00542-2.0 Ab00542-2.0-BT 540,00 2'139,00
  1-30 of 30860