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PerCP Mouse IgG1, Kappa Monoclonal [B11/6] - Isotype Control ab118658 351,00
PerCP Anti-CD3 antibody [UCHT1], prediluted ab106215 660,60
PerCP Anti-CD73 antibody [CB-AD2] ab106677 361,80
PerCP Anti-Integrin alpha 5 antibody [CB49e], prediluted ab106776 403,20
PerCP Anti-CD20 antibody [2H7] ab114860 371,70
PerCP Anti-6X His tag® antibody [AD1.1.10] ab117496 660,60
PerCP Anti-DDDDK tag (Binds to FLAG® tag sequence) antibody [M2] ab117514 603,00
PerCP Anti-CD34 antibody [581] ab119840 660,60
PerCP Anti-CD33 antibody [WM53] ab124531 660,60
PerCP Anti-CD16 antibody [3G8] ab130761 361,80
PerCP Anti-NCAM1 antibody [MEM-188], prediluted ab134333 660,60
Native Streptavidin protein (PerCP) ab134347 534,60
PerCP Anti-CD41 antibody [MEM-06], prediluted ab134373 361,80
PerCP Anti-CD69 antibody [FN50], prediluted ab135933 660,60
PerCP Anti-CD8 antibody [MEM-31] ab65949 371,70
PerCP Anti-CD4 antibody [MEM-241] ab65951 371,70
PerCP Anti-CD45 antibody [MEM-28] ab65952 361,80
PerCP Anti-CD38 antibody [HIT2] ab74688 367,20
PerCP Anti-CD86 antibody [BU63] ab77131 371,70
PerCP Anti-CD63 antibody [MEM-259] ab77227 371,70
PerCP Anti-CD80 antibody [MEM-233] ab82410 367,20
PerCP Anti-CD28 antibody [CD28.2] ab88034 660,60
PerCP Anti-CD11a antibody [TP1/40] ab91140 660,60
PerCP Anti-CD43 antibody [TP 1 /36] ab91283 403,20
PerCP Anti-CD98 antibody [FG 1/8] ab91297 660,60
PerCP Anti-CD45 antibody [2D1] ab210222 660,60
PerCP Anti-TNFAIP3 antibody [EPR2663] ab220511 755,10
PerCP Anti-Cytokeratin 19 antibody [EPR1579Y] ab221256 739,80
PerCP Anti-CD146 antibody [EPR3208] ab216361 723,60
PerCP Anti-GAPDH antibody [EPR6256] ab216377 708,30
  1-30 of 4064