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MitoBiogenesis™ In-Cell ELISA Kit (IR) ab110216 875,70
MitoBiogenesis™ In-Cell ELISA Kit (Colorimetric) ab110217 871,20
MitoTox™ Complete OXPHOS Activity Assay Kit (5 Assays) ab110419 2'461,50
Anti-Histone H2A.X antibody - Nuclear Marker ab10475-100 566,10
Adenine Nucleotide Translocase (ANT) Immunocapture Kit ab109713-250 671,40
ATP Synthase Immunocapture Kit ab109715-250 645,30
Complex II Immunocapture Kit ab109799-250 702,90
Complex III Immunocapture Kit ab109800-250 645,30
Complex IV Immunocapture Kit ab109801-250 655,20
PDH Immunocapture Kit ab109802-250 702,90
Complex IV Human Enzyme Activity Dipstick Assay Kit ab109876-30 676,80
Pyruvate dehydrogenase (PDH) Enzyme Activity Dipstick Assay Kit ab109882-30 645,30
Pyruvate dehydrogenase (PDH) Protein Quantity Dipstick Assay Kit ab109883-30 660,60
Complex II WB Antibody Cocktail ab110410-305 749,70
Total OXPHOS Blue Native WB Antibody Cocktail ab110412-300 912,60
Total OXPHOS Rodent WB Antibody Cocktail ab110413-300 1'080,90
Pyruvate dehydrogenase (PDH) WB Antibody Cocktail ab110416-150 623,70
Histone H3 Total Acetylation Detection Fast Kit (Colorimetric) ab115124-48 ab115124-96 629,10 871,20
Anti-Histone H3 (di methyl K9) antibody [mAbcam 1220] - ChIP Grade ab1220-100 645,30
Anti-Ki67 antibody ab15580-100 749,70
Anti-Histone H3 (di methyl K27) antibody - ChIP Grade ab24684-100 686,70
Anti-Histone H3 (di methyl K4) antibody [Y47] - ChIP Grade ab32356-100 686,70
Anti-Histone H3 (acetyl K27) antibody - ChIP Grade ab4729-100 639,90
Anti-Histone H3 (tri methyl K27) antibody [mAbcam 6002] - ChIP Grade ab6002 671,40
Anti-GCNT3 antibody ab77728-200 619,20
Anti-Histone H3 (mono methyl K9) antibody - ChIP Grade ab9045-100 592,20
Anti-Fibronectin antibody [Fn-3] ab18265 671,40
Anti-Cyclin A2 antibody [E67.1] ab39 697,50
Anti-NCAM1 antibody [ERIC-1] ab6123 639,90
Anti-Cytokeratin 3/CK-3 antibody [AE5] ab77869 671,40
  1-30 of 17715