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Supplier Product name Cat.no. Pack size Price
Anti-IgG2a antibody [KT92] ab166970 603,00
HRP Anti-IgG2a antibody [KT92] ab170489 603,00
Anti-xyloglucan antibody [LM15] ab190146-100 550,80
Anti-6X His tag® antibody [3D5] - C-terminal ab206500 655,20
Anti-6X His tag® antibody [3D5] - C-terminal ab206505 655,20
Anti-hapten 4-hydroxy-3-nitrophenyl acetyl (NP) antibody [B1-8] ab206539 623,70
Biotin Anti-Ly6c antibody [HK1.4] ab24980-250 639,90
FITC Anti-Ly6c antibody [HK1.4] ab25025 639,90
Biotin Anti-CD24 antibody [30-F1] ab25215-250 660,60
PE Anti-CD3 epsilon antibody [C363.29B] ab25380 660,60
PE Anti-CD24 antibody [30-F1] ab25494 660,60
FITC Anti-CD90 / Thy1 antibody [G7] ab25672 639,90
FITC Anti-CD24 antibody [30-F1] ab25673 660,60
Anti-Serotonin antibody [YC5/45] ab6336 603,00
FITC Anti-CD3 epsilon antibody [C363.29B] ab24948 371,70
Biotin Anti-CD90 / Thy1 antibody [G7] ab25285 639,90
PE Rat IgG2c, kappa monoclonal [SB68b] - Isotype control ab154450 241,20
FITC Rat IgG2c, kappa [RTK4174] - isotype control ab114134 241,20
PE Anti-CD90 / Thy1 antibody [G7] ab24904 371,70
Anti-Ly6c antibody [HK1.4] ab24973 660,60
PE/Cy5® Anti-CD90 / Thy1 antibody [G7] ab25272 660,60
APC Anti-CD90 / Thy1 antibody [G7] ab25322 660,60
PE/Cy5® Anti-CD3 epsilon antibody [C363.29B] ab25531 660,60
PE Anti-Ly6c antibody [HK1.4] ab25572 660,60
Anti-HHV8 antibody [LN53] ab4103 697,50
Anti-REV1 antibody ab5088 619,20
Anti-Macrophages + Monocytes antibody [ER-HR3] ab59697 639,90
APC Anti-Ly6c antibody [HK1.4] ab93550 660,60
Anti-NUP98 antibody [2H10] - Nuclear Pore Marker ab50610 723,60
Cbfa2t2 monoclonal antibody, clone KT42 MAB1674 347,20
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