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Supplier Product name Pack size Price
Skim Milk powder blotting grade for biochemistry 1172GR500 1172KG001 1172KG005 66,00 90,00 359,00
Ponceau S (C.I. 27195) for electrophoresis 1379GR010 Inquire
Stripping buffer for immunodetection 1621ML050 1621ML125 1621ML500 82,00 117,00 238,00
WesternFroxx Kit pure for immunodetection 1934KT040 1934KT120 1934KT500 289,00 530,00 1'601,00
Salmon sperm DNA sodium salt for biochemistry 2270GR001 Inquire
WesternFroxx Kit anti-mouse HRP for immunodetection 5555KT040 5555KT120 5555KT500 311,00 554,00 1'697,00
ECL Xtrasensitivity Kit for immunodetection 5560KT060 5560KT120 5560KT500 815,00 1'429,00 3'804,00
WesternFroxx washing solution (10X) for immunodetection 5570ML500 Inquire
WesternFroxx Kit anti-rabbit HRP for immunodetection 6666KT040 6666KT120 6666KT500 311,00 554,00 1'697,00
  1-21 of 21