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Supplier Product name Cat.no. Pack size Price
Human Aggrecan ELISA Kit ELH-ACAN-1 ELH-ACAN-2 ELH-ACAN-5 312,70 538,20 1'159,00
Human Aggrecan IQELISA™ Kit IQH-ACAN-1 IQH-ACAN-2 IQH-ACAN-5 397,80 692,30 1'500,20
Aggrecan ELISA KAP1461 1'273,00
Human Aggrecan (AGC) ELISA Kit BSKH61835-48TST BSKH61835 522,00 727,00
Mouse Aggrecan (AGC) ELISA Kit BSKM62381-48TST BSKM62381 541,00 754,00
Rabbit Aggrecan (AGC) ELISA Kit BSKO65182-48TST BSKO65182 560,00 781,00
Rat Aggrecan (AGC) ELISA Kit BSKR65181-48TST BSKR65181 560,00 781,00
Aggrecan (PG) Human ELISA BVD-RIS001R-96 687,00
Human Aggrecan ELISA Kit (Chemiluminescence) NBP2-66657 1'189,00
Human Aggrecan DuoSet ELISA DY1220-1440AS 1'364,00
Human Aggrecan(AGC) ELISA Kit NSL1134Hu 475,00
Goat Aggrecan(AGC) ELISA Kit NSL1283Gt 537,00
Porcine Aggrecan(AGC) ELISA Kit NSL1354Po 537,00
Chicken Aggrecan(AGC) ELISA Kit NSL1419Ch 537,00
Mouse Aggrecan (AGC) ELISA Kit NSL1585m 517,00
Rat Aggrecan (AGC)ELISA Kit NSL1608r 475,00
Canine Aggrecan(AGC) ELISA Kit NSL1714Ca 537,00
Bovine Aggrecan(AGC) ELISA Kit NSL1742Bo 537,00
Cow Aggrecan Core Protein (ACAN) ELISA Kit abx518787-96TST 800,00
Dog Aggrecan Core Protein (ACAN) ELISA Kit abx518789-96TST 800,00
Human Aggrecan Core Protein (ACAN) ELISA Kit abx251976-96TST 650,00
Human Aggrecan Core Protein (ACAN) ELISA Kit abx150588-96TST abx150588-5x96TST abx150588-10x96TST 772,00 3'618,00 6'837,00
  1-30 of 75