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cPass™ SARS-CoV-2 Neutralization Antibody Detection Kit (EUA FDA) L00847 1'070,00
THE™ NWSHPQFEK Tag Antibody [Biotin], mAb, Mouse A01737-100 420,00
Protein G Resin L00209 171,00
Protein A Resin L00210 145,00
Protein A MagBeads L00273 L00273S 125,00 Inquire
ToxinSensor™ Chromogenic LAL Endotoxin Assay Kit L00350 254,00
His Tag ELISA Detection Kit L00436 356,00
TEV Protease, His Z03030-1K Z03030-10K 74,00 286,00
3C protease, His, Human Z03092-100 Z03092-250 Z03092-500 74,00 129,00 197,00
H1N1 (A/California/04/2009), Hemagglutinin Z03181-10 Z03181-100 74,00 270,00
FGF-10, Human Z03314-10 Z03314-50 Z03314-1 98,00 228,00 1'560,00
Protein G MagBeads MX L00673-4 L00673S 562,00 Inquire
CHO-K1/CD80 Stable Cell Line M00545 8'817,00
CHO-K1/PD-1 Stable Cell Line M00529 8'817,00
CHO-K1/PD-L1 Stable Cell Line M00543 8'817,00
CHO-K1/ mouse PD-1 Stable Cell Line M00552 8'817,00
CHO-K1/cyno PD-1 Stable Cell Line M00572 8'817,00
CHO-K1/CD16A 158F Stable Cell Line M00586 9'255,00
CHO-K1/HVEM Stable Cell Line M00646 8'817,00
CHO-K1/CTLA4 Stable Cell Line M00530 8'817,00
CHO-K1/CD38 Stable Cell Line M00553 8'817,00
CHO-K1/mouse PD-L1 Stable Cell Line M00567 8'817,00
CHO-K1/CD16A 158V Stable Cell Line M00597 9'255,00
  1-30 of 72456