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Supplier Product name Cat.no. Pack size Price
Insulin ELISA, CE-IVD KAP1251 339,00
BLOT-LINE Anaplasma IgG, CE-IVD ApGL10 513,00
BLOT-LINE Anaplasma IgM, CE-IVD ApML10 504,00
BLOT-LINE Borrelia afzelii VlsE IgG, CE-IVD BaGL20 472,00
Microblot-Array Borrelia afzelii IgG, CE-IVD BaGMA96 2'202,00
BLOT-LINE Borrelia afzelii IgM, CE-IVD BaML20 472,00
Microblot-Array Borrelia afzelii IgM, CE-IVD BaMMA96 2'202,00
BLOT-LINE Borrelia garinii VlsE IgG, CE-IVD BgGL20 472,00
Microblot-Array Borrelia garinii IgG, CE-IVD BgGMA96 2'202,00
BLOT-LINE Borrelia/HGA IgG, CE-IVD BGL020 637,00
Microblot-Array Borrelia IgG, CE-IVD BGMA096 2'201,00
BLOT-LINE Borrelia garinii IgM, CE-IVD BgML20 472,00
Microblot-Array Borrelia garinii IgM, CE-IVD BgMMA96 2'202,00
BLOT-LINE Borrelia/HGA IgM, CE-IVD BML020 637,00
Microblot-Array Borrelia IgM, CE-IVD BMMA096 2'201,00
BLOT-LINE Bordetella IgA, CE-IVD BpAL20 583,00
BLOT-LINE Bordetella IgG, CE-IVD BpGL20 583,00
BLOT-LINE Bordetella IgM, CE-IVD BpML20 583,00
BLOT-LINE Borrelia b.sensu stricto IgG, CE-IVD BsGL20 472,00
Microblot-Array Borrelia sensu stricto IgG, CE-IVD BsGMA96 2'202,00
BLOT-LINE Borrelia b.sensu stricto IgM, CE-IVD BsML20 472,00
Microblot-Array Borrelia sensu stricto IgM, CE-IVD BsMMA96 2'202,00
BLOT-LINE Chlamydia IgA, CE-IVD CAL020 844,00
Microblot-Array Chlamydia IgA, CE-IVD CAMA096 2'630,00
Chromogranin A ELISA, CE-IVD CgA 1'332,00
Chromogranin A ELISA CgARUO 1'332,00
BLOT-LINE Chlamydia IgG, CE-IVD CGL020 844,00
Microblot-Array Chlamydia IgG, CE-IVD CGMA096 2'630,00
BLOT-LINE Chlamydia pneumoniae IgA, CE-IVD CpAL20 828,00
BLOT-LINE Chlamydia pneumoniae IgG, CE-IVD CpGL20 828,00
  1-30 of 1007